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Ibrahim Tuffboy

6 months ago

Hi everyone so briefly most students whom I've helped them with their schooling projects got to admitted forward to their graduation as they did as well some too i helped them with the technique of how to study smartly as they did also helped them passed willingly so again yesterday most graduated as they all thank me as part of appreciates my talent part of me being a computer geek to add it some start calling me a genius i was blahs but i respond back that I'm not a genius I'm just trying my best to solve a problem that most have especially when it comes to terms of helping people needs as by that to be is by someone taking actions not by words or jealousy for at the end it's all about scrubbing each others back by helping our global economic to grow into growth & help remove from poverty which seems to be a disease mostly to the slums & streets as well again some never say thanks but it's okay to me as long they are all doing well & fine that's whats matters to me so i thank them a lot i also thank you too you know when you feel like you want to do something right comprehensively they are some who are their to slow you down by trying to gossip about you in bad way making the conversation feels like you are a bad person when you are not not knowingly know inside you there's something good that you want to embrace out to the society plus to the global world that we all cherish today with this kind of knew techies invented with some people like us & i know there something good inside you too life is purpose at the same time it's the physical aspect of the living cell then purpose is a person's sense of resolve or determination as for all this is what i was trying to archive from trying to bring a purpose in everyone ones lives as i know most of you deserve your privacy of moments in your lives but it also needs to be empowered from sharing it to your most important friends for those who are friends with needs not acquaintances...