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Ibrahim Tuffboy

7 months ago
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Hi so this the My Story feature of which is the ad story to get this from your ismarty account ahm; I think you have to subscribe as a subscribtion it's only costing $99.95 for 1 monthly trial then once you have fully enjoyed the service you subscribed $312 monthly which enables you to unlock your mostly promoted isays enabling your isay of moments-sharing reaching more people as well unlocking the Live call video feature of which i'm actually working on it critically so this is great for those who are officially on business well as you can see it has my moments-sharing with a term word sponsored whether you've isayed an image or texting it will still popup with term word sponsored so I've initial paid from the subscription to test it for $99.95 for only just 1 monthly trial as it's all working great as for this Still more I'm still working on so enjoy everyone #ismartians #Rt #ismarty #Tbt #Ismartyforever