What is Ismarty?

Ismarty is a smart social network that helps users like you, me & others on social smartly when sharing their moments through isays on their stories, a web application and service that allows users to share moments of texting, pictures and videos either publicly or privately. Ismarty was invented by Ibrahim Tuffboy a simple genius computer geek.

Ismarty is an open world smart social community service a great place to meet new people in your area and around the world. It’s packed with exciting ismartians users who want to share experiences, interests and friendship as one voice. ismarty helps you to social smartly & get in-touch with your friends live 24/7 actively.

Ismartians~ Are basicly users on ismarty platform.

Isays~ Are Posts - i+s-m+a-r-t+y=isay=posts!.

What are isays?


Well isays are likely the posts when you post something on ismarty platform that’s isaying.

What is ismartians?

Ismarty + Users==ismartians

Ismartians are users whom have joined the smart social network 'ismarty' therefore being called ismartians.

Ismarty forever~ Age is just a number, Maturity is by moving forward, teamwork is by success as focus thy introducing the future.

We bring ismarty to life by allowing you to communicate, make new friends by following for friendships, share photos, maybe even date. You can also tell people about your interests and who you are, and play fun games that let you meet new people.

You never know who you’ll find on ismarty.

Ismarty, Inc.